AQVA (Association québécoise de voile adaptée)

wishes to enable children and adults with physical and/or sensory disabilities, even very severe ones, to improve their quality of life and their integration into the community through the practice of sailing. Its activities take place in Pointe-Claire but it offers support to its affiliated organizations that offer adapted sailing programs in the Gaspésie and Eastern Townships.

The Beginnings of AQVA, as told by its Founder René Dallaire

Learn about the captivating story of René Dallaire, founder of AQVA, in this testimonial video. Dive into his life journey, from his accident to his initial sailing experiences, and up to today, where he continues to play a crucial role as the treasurer within the organization."

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Monthly donation

Our Campaign “Monthly donation” is an extraordinary way for all of you to support AQVA’s activities and its success.

Your support helps AQVA sailors to be able to sail during the summer sailing season. Moreover, AQVA reunites people through many gatherings, regattas and various activities. We thank you for your support !


Planning a monthly donation allows AQVA to plan for the future, see further, and provide more.

AQVA thanks you for your commitment!

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