Before your first sailing


You will be given an appointment for an evaluation before your first sail, usually half an hour before your scheduled sailing time.  A trained member of the AQVA staff will ask you for information about your abilities and disabilities as well as any medical conditions that we should be aware of.  The information gathered will be used to determine the best way we can meet your needs, more specifically how you will:

  • Get on and off the dock

  • Get in and out of the boat

  • Be safely & securely seated in the boat

  • Control the boat

This information is kept on file so that each time you come to sail your instructor will have whatever equipment you might need ready for you.


Frequently ask question (F.A.Q)

Reservations can be made by phone by calling (514) 694-8021. If you leave a message, we will make every attempt to return your call as soon as possible, if not the same day, within 24 hours. Reservations may also be made in person at the AQVA office, or by e-mail at aqvareservation@aqva.org

AQVA hopes that as many sailors as possible will enjoy time well spent on the water. In order to achieve this goal, certain guidelines are in place regarding scheduling:

  • Sailors may make two reservations per week from Tuesday to Friday.
  • Reservations cannot be made more than two weeks in advance.
  • We limit weekend outing to 4 times during the summer

Sailors are not afraid of water!   As long as there is wind, we will sail!  That being said, we don't go out if there is a risk of storm.  We will contact you if we anticipate a cancellation of your outing. If you are unsure, call (514) 694-8021 to confirm your sailing.  Please note that the weather at the Yacht Club often differs from the weather in the city.  If it is raining downtown, it may be sunny in Pointe-Claire.

Don't forget to cancel your adapted transport !

• Hat

• Sunglasses

• Water bottle

• Special cushion (if desired, though we have many at our facility)

• Sun screen

• Foul weather gear (if you have your own)

• Personal PFD - Life Jacket (we have many at our facility)

• Waterproof footwear

• Sailing gloves

Friends or family members are welcome to accompany you to the sailing club however they will not be able to sail with you.  While you're sailing they can wait on the deck of the club - or go to the nearby park so that they can see you out on the water.  Or perhaps they would like to walk to the Pointe-Claire village which has many interesting boutiques and cafés!

On occasion, navigation may be cancelled due to adverse weather conditions. Under certain weather conditions (such as light winds, squalls, torrential rains, forecasted/actual thunderstorms or lightning), you may have to postpone your sailing. The decision to cancel an outing due to weather conditions will be made by AQVA staff on the day of the outing. If in doubt about the wind or weather conditions, please do not hesitate to call the Q.A.V. at (514) 694-8021 to confirm your sailing. Please note that the weather at the Yacht Club often differs from that of the city. If it rains downtown, it may be sunny in Pointe-Claire. We also advise you to check your answering machine or voice mail before coming to the club in case we have to cancel your sailing due to weather conditions. We will do our best to notify you of a cancellation as soon as possible. However, it is possible that weather conditions may deteriorate rapidly and cause us to cancel a sailing at the last minute. Please be aware that these decisions are made to ensure the safety of all concerned. For this reason, AQVA staff reserves the right to cancel a sailing trip.
If you need to cancel a reservation, we ask that you do so, if possible, at least 48 hours in advance, so that we can allocate the time to another sailor. Sailors who have not cancelled their reservation will not be able to make a reservation for a period of two weeks or their next reservation will be cancelled. If the sailor does not cancel a reservation a second time, a $5 fine will be added to the price of the next sailing trip.


You must bring your own food and beverages if you wish to snack or eat before or after your sailing. The Pointe Claire Yacht Club has a restaurant and bar, but they are only open to Yacht Club members.

There is a fully accessible washroom right next to the AQVA office, as well as disabled stalls in both the men's and ladies' locker rooms. We do not however have personal attendants available. If you need assistance for toileting you will have to bring someone with you.

Sailing activities schedule

Paraplegia, Tetraplegia, Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, ALS and more

Nothing stops our sailors!

Some of our sailors have been living with a physical or sensory disability since birth. Others have been living with it more recently, following an accident or a stroke. Still others are dealing with degenerative diseases, such as multiple sclerosis. For some, AQVA represents a return to a sport they love, but had given up due to circumstances beyond their control. Many thought they would never sail again and are pleasantly surprised! However, most of them are novices and are simply excited to experience such an exciting and liberating sport, especially when you can leave your wheelchair, walker or other walking aid behind and explore the waters of Lake St. Louis at your leisure.